Saturday, November 2, 2013

Season's Change...Preparing for the New Year!

Wow! It’s so cliché but it seems like we were just saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! I love autumn and the crisp morning air. I am reminded when I see the leaves change that it's time to pull out those resolutions from the beginning of the year, reflect on my performance, try to see if I can beat the clock to complete any of those resolutions and determine which one’s will just go back on the list for the upcoming year. So instead of getting upset about this annual examination process I decided – LET’S OWN IT!!!

Yes, the New Year is quickly approaching and again; either we will make our goals reality in the coming year or some of us will take the easy way out and say “I’m not making any resolutions!” This is our opportunity to consider being successful in completing our goals for the upcoming year. I hate those long lists of “how to” be successful at making changes but here are a few minor adjustments that can make a world of difference in our success:

  1. Meditate – Taking the time to get in touch with your inner spirit and being honest about your situation is the first step towards identifying sustainable achievable goals. You goals should be something that you can make a commitment because in the end you’re breaking your commitment to yourself.
  2. Positive Declaration – We usually set goals around the areas we feel we are deficient. Often times our thoughts around those goals are punitive and make us feel bad about ourselves. Turn that goal of losing weight around. Instead make the goal to be the healthiest me that I can be. That may mean walking daily or cutting out fried food one day per week. Simple adjustments have the greatest impact on your life with lasting results.
  3. Journal – Keep a journal and have checkpoints to determine your progress. Take time to review your journal to determine your progress. Notice your feelings when you were successful and unsuccessful. See if you can notice any patterns. If so, make the necessary adjustments.
  4. Partner – Having a friend that will help to hold you accountable will increase the chances of success. If you make the goal fun the process won’t be as difficult. Since our lives are busy scheduling the time to get together with your friend is just an added benefit.
  5. Buckle UP! – It’s going to be a long bumpy ride. Change is always a journey and not a sprint. There will be times that you will be torn between opinions. Hopefully the choice to stay on target will win MOST of the time.
At the beginning of this year, I resolved that I would improve my health. I solicited a group of my friends to join me in preparing for a half marathon. I was not and still am not a “real runner” but I thought it would help me to stay on target. There were times when it did not appear this goal was possible especially since my group started with 15 friends (including me) and ended with the grand ole 2 of us completing.  So, as I reflect on 2013 I completed one of my resolutions. Actually it’s the one that has to stay on the list forever! I OWN IT!

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